Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Plastic Pasta Tubes - poem by Freek

Plastic Pasta Tubes

It took 25 years to defrost
Not quite sure about domestic pets 
Life sure gets in the way sometimes
I get way too excited over a notification 
Pink icing on a white sponge cake

Light slowly fades with long shadows 
Sound of streaming traffic and a door slams
Odd socks haunt me as the dust settles
Plastic pasta tubes and a recyclable packet 
It still works so keep it just in case 

Rub a dub dub my tired eyes stay awake
I've met a few nice people along the way
Haunted by the colour purple
Birthday treats in a foreign land
Refresh the page for a glimpse of you

The Lunatics - Poem by Sam Freek

 The Lunatics

The lunatics have taken over
All gums and no teeth
Strangers with familiar faces
My storage space is almost full
I awake at four to the dawn repetition

Sat up dormant with a fuel line in my eye
An instant replay of a musing
I smile at the monkey on my back
Devoid it has captivated me
Spoon feeding me the answers

The remedy is on your terms only
Drowning the sound out I stop
Counting upwards
Not going too deep
I take comfort in my solitude

Author: Sam Freek

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For Sale - Poetry by Word Artist Sam Freek

 For Sale

Going to buy myself some popularity
Are you forming your own opinion?
Peer pressure no longer exists
The surprise comes when people don't listen
So why does everything have to make sense

Its gone half time
Feeling like an outstayed welcome
Fat little white lie made it all good again
Levels were high and the coffee cheap
With no warning I was unrecognisable

Staying on the phone for hours
Clicked home and realised nothing had happened
I enjoyed it when the mind gave no direction
A grey hair in my rear view
Then remembering you owed me sixty quid

Words are losing their meaning
Let me show you where I come from
Before you make your mind up about me
Extending away from the British nightmare
I slide into a deckchair in Hyde Park

I am popular therefore I am right
All the same as long as the superior race is known
Extra on my plate as you sing my praise
Got wasted in a bar and had a deja vu
I left the browser open and became a bot

Author: Sam Freek

Blurred Lines - Poetry by Word Artist Sam Freek

Blurred Lines

Make way for a new idea coming in
Wrong phrases mark your terms
Your a bad news girl
Hitting me with headlines
Don't you know I'm no longer on trial

Can't see the top so it doesn't exist
Taking shelter in a phone box from the rain
You were almost famous dressed in fake fur
Try running between blurred lines
You played with words and they turned purple

I don't feel it for the fifteen minutes
I'll have a years supply of feedback for free instead
Bagged up words from the compere
Jumped in slowly and covered up
The cake fell apart but still tasted good

I feel like I've been here before
That's not a bad thing
Slept with more than one skeleton to find you
Wasting my energy on you as I have an endless supply
But the rules change so I end the game 

Author: Sam Freek

Electric Shock - Poetry by Word Artist Sam Freek

 Electric Shock

The beat slowed down to a panic
You said I needed anger management
I said you needed an electric shock
The TV sat too far away
I squinted and stared at the ceiling

For up to an hour I just sat there
Ignoring sounds of attention
If you want to reach me just talk
A biology book gave me the cure
Silk gloves the chosen choice of perversion

Modelling yourself on the phony cheese
How do you measure the length of time
You wanted to eat the flesh of the city
Spaced out you found you'd become a stranger
Riddled with the words from today's news

Pack me off for your understanding
An icy reception awaits your return
No back up plan to dance to
So you sing a song that's not your own
With tiny embraces from friendly inventions

Author: Sam Freek

Grans Wardrobe - Poem by Word Artist Sam Freek

 Grans Wardrobe

You thought I had all the answers
But you found them in your own head
Next to the wardrobe your gran gave you
Give me a reason
Uncontrollable noise of this urban machine

Nothing comes from nowhere
Contain yourself you said
Broken glass as a back drop
Sounds of the past murmur on
I forget to defrost your path

Can I just express myself from my own mind
Too eager to jump aboard with the crowd
The stench of A and E surrounds me
You wanted a doughnut and I gave you a bagel
Then you set a reminder in your phone

It feels almost complete
Counting up to a hundred on one hand
An Earl Grey tea habit takes over
The compliments keep coming
Double booked we start over again

Author: Sam Freek

Blue Loo - Poem

 Blue Loo

Its top end of the market for you
I just need some frosties and blue loo
To the doctors for the results
Nervously twitching left eye
Panic, panic there's no more air

This is a far cry from her sins
I can see the sea from here
Outside I see a plastic bag
Mad dog helps me across the road
Finding solace in a banana

Up above they carry their sins on trays
My heart bubbles at your voice
Super heros close my eyes
I'm not saying I like Pina Colada
You stop to wave on one knee

Author: Sam Freek

Reaching Out - Art Illustration

Monday, July 18, 2016

Not Here Not Now - Poetry

 Not Here Not Now

Squeezed into a little space
Its only where I would be anyway
I can't go back there
It's broken

Granting me a wish I take it
Not now
Not here
I want to see the weekend

Over a barrel
Rolled my eyes
There is no choice
Racing around a track

Staying on my own
Slowly coming together
Show me your identity
Because the party has only just begun

Author: Sam Freek

In Quarantine - Poem

In Quarantine

Doors to the world burst open
The thought process begun
Put me in quarantine and chop away at the unease
I'm not looking to the outside for answers

Sandwich shop lady smiled at me
Keep them coming it seems to be working
But nobody said it was a love song
I relaxed with the wild ones
Somebody shouted "there's no need to shout"

Telling tales in the kitchen
Its full of twisted memories
Shredding each one before another leaves
Visions flood in from little trust

The world gave me an identity
But I've gone and bought my own
Steeling some along the way
What kind of creation stands before me
Let's  not discuss this

If you cross the red line there's no going back
But you can create a new blue one
Asked me what it was like living in a cupboard
I've not had an idea in 2 years
Not taken the west coast route in a while

Coming together like a train wreck
Have you been to look and take a selfie
Share the experience without feeling
Familiarity took that away
You steal my thoughts and leave

Author: Sam Freek

In A Race - Poem

 In A Race

I'm in a race
But I'm the only one in it
In need of tea
Or so I think
The cat waved and I laughed

An early postman wakes me up
I give him the bills back and close the door
What is this hay stack on my head
Calming reassurance from a reflection
My head swells with thoughts

Explanations and silence with a hum
Quick saviours are nowhere to be seen
I hear its great to live in America
Sudden urge to run
But my face turns to mush and melts

Somebody's spying through my keyhole
The ceiling raises and I feel small
I need to go places
You crash into my face all vexed
I drive away into town with my replica

Author: Sam Freek

Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Way Street - Poetry

One Way Street

It was cold out
But I didn't quite feel it
A quiet whisper and heads turned
It was a one way street

I missed the one way conversations
With sounds from my dreams haunting me
My senses were on high alert
Drifting in and out of satisfaction

I didn't want to see the moonlight
I couldn't connect
Where did the darkness go?
You waited for that popular song
But it wasn't an open invitation

I walked through the can of worms
Again and again
I was lost but it felt like home
Why did you come looking?
I stood among them and heard there was no way back

You were building the bridge too slow
So I demolished it again
My head and heart didn't connect
Neither knew the other existed
I hit a red light but carried on

Author: Sam Freek

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Hunting Ground - Poetry

The hunting ground 
The carpet was wet
It seemed to take forever
Conversations mingled 
Fake smiles from orange people 

Awkward walks from the dance floor
Sobering thoughts hit like waves
Double speed
Double speed
The night gathers momentum 

Sweat and tears flow
Pleased to meet you from the other side
A meeting of bodies
Hug me like I'm about to fall 
Then let me go before the dawn breaks

Torn Contract - Poetry

Torn Contract

I tried to get people on board this ship
They just carried on walking
Not feeling the ride was worth it
They wouldn't get off the safety pillows
Maybe I should give them a preview

My head bounces off a wall
Side to side
Side to side
Inflated images of grandeur begin to rise
I saw everyone gather on the roof
The lift was broke

Think in reverse and escape
Don't let anyone walk behind you
Only your shadow
With swaying bodies
Laughing out loud
Not realising how high the barriers were

It feels like I'm walking through thick custard
You read my horoscope out loud
But I don't believe in them
I gave you the wrong star sign
So now you think I'm a Leo

I have torn up my contract


Author: Sam Freek

Always Time - Poetry

Always Time

Removed my hands from my watch
There's always time
I always have time for you
Trying to throw my voice
As I stand alone in a room

A pouring of colours flooded from your mind
Screaming like a banshee
You threw yellow my way
Mixed with flavours I remembered from childhood
The curtains twitched and an old face appeared

You waved around wooden spoons
Looking the other way
Avoiding eye contact
As I danced around an empty tin of peaches
My hunger for you grew

As the sun slowly fell to earth
You twisted my words to make you feel better
Ink spread from a broken biro
You began to look back at me
Thinking I was someone else

Author: Sam Freek

Gathering of Energy - Poetry

Gather round and bring me some energy
Not in a can that leaves me sleepless
Sleepless and wired
Sleepless and wired
It's not for me but I keep ignoring the truth
The truth I have turned my back on
Like pushing it to the back of a cupboard
Behind the tin of cooked mushrooms
That nobody wants

The flesh needs to recover
Needs time to heal
This is not the time for a journey alone
They don't seem to care
They don't seem to know
Where is this compassion
Where is my soul
Little energy
Slides away

Taking over me
Passing the supermarket of memories
Can I multiple purchase the good ones
The shop seems full
Full of people bumping into each other
No smiles
Or kindness
Just slow dancing in the aisles
Looking into mirror less souls

By Sam Freek

Brutalist Architecture - Urban Photography

British Brutalism, brutalist, architecture, concrete, 1970s buildings, urban photography, art, Sam Freek,
British Brutalism - Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Brutalist Concrete Building - Urban Photography

brutalist, brutalism, concrete, building, architecture, 1970s buildings, urban photography, city life, urban, art, Sam Freek,
Brutalist Concrete Building by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Going Down Into Town - Urban Photography

urban photography, abstract, photo, art, urban photo, city life, yellow tiles, Sam Freek, contemporary,
Going Down Into Town - Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Friday, July 08, 2016

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Abstract Urban Photography by Sam Freek

abstract photography, urban photography, urban decline, city life, industrial, art, contemporary, Sam Freek,
Abstract Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Santa Shop - Urban Photography

urban photography, contemporary, photo, art, modern, city life, Sam Freek, urban decline, England,
Santa Shop - Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Yellow Stairs - Urban Photography

urban photography, urban photo, grey, yellow, stairs, industrial, contemporary, photo, Sam Freek
Yellow Stairs by Sam Freek - Urban Photography

Author: Sam Freek

Misery Loves Company - Art Portrait

He Thought Life Owed Him Something - Art