Monday, August 01, 2016

Dogs At My Heels - Poetry by Sam Freek

Dogs At My Heels

Been out in the rain too long
Followed by the obscene
I go to work on the wrong path
It's a pleasure to meet you
Listening to a masterpiece

We all rise up only to crash
Finding the numb amusing
Small yellow faces smile back
Dogs at my heels
I run and never look back

Last day of my holidays
After seven years
Shameless and wild
Things seem out of control
Hop on and enjoy the ride

Passages fill with the mundane
Trashy senseless and unlawful
Splashing about in the gutter
I see home and find a cat
Then everything grinds to a halt

Author: Sam Freek

Elvis Taking Care of Business In Blackpool - Contemporary Photography

contemporary photography, urban scene, Blackpool, Elvis, seaside, Blackpool Tower, travel, England, UK, photo, Sam Freek,
Elvis Taking Care of Business in Blackpool - Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Coned Off - Urban Photography

urban photography, urban decay, street art, urban art, abstract urban photo, contemporary, Sam Freek,
Coned Off - Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

She's On Repeat - Poetry by Freek

 She's On Repeat

I hear a woman's voice
It remains monotone
No escape for her
Shes on repeat
Ran out of gas
Before her destination

Not responding
Not tuned in
Transparent happiness
Excessive living
Takes a vacation
Quit too early

I reach inside
Vacant building
On the wrong side
The fog rolls in
She fades away
To cash in her tokens

Author: Sam Freek

Departures - Poetry by Freek


This is two phase
Go inside
Nobody wants to do that
Waiting for the hardcore
Verbalising your needs

Here comes the bride
Replacing your mumbles
The weather changed
Time to think
But I don't

Strangers connect
Craving a reload
Waiting for cancellations
They celebrate
Your departure 

Author: Sam Freek

It's A Wrap - Poetry by Freek

 It's a Wrap

This way for two ways
Changing direction
Accidental reaction
I'm home

That's a wrap
Start the countdown
Find your hiding place
Congratulations you win
Then everything hurts

The bargains have gone
Limited seats available
No talk of war
Stranger in a field
It's time to move on

Author: Sam Freek